Using PR to generate massive awareness

and credibility for Realize Medical


Realize Medical


Generate awareness and credibility with potential investors and sales leads for Realize Medical’s Elucis platform.


10 publications covered Realize Medical’s technology for a total potential reach of 2.68M. Realize Medical received inbound interest from new and existing sales leads. In addition, they established greater interest and credibility with potential investors.


Virtual reality (VR) and 3D technologies are some of the most significant technological advances that have occurred in the 21st century. With over 12,000 publications using common search terms for VR/AR applications in healthcare and a projected global healthcare market of $5.1B by 2025, this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Ottawa’s Realize Medical is positioned to capitalize on this trend. Their team has created Elucis, the world’s first VR platform for creating and interacting with 3D medical models entirely in virtual reality. Realize Medical’s mission is to provide healthcare professionals with the cutting-edge 3D modeling tools they need to improve patient care and education. For the first time, medical modeling has been made easy.

Realize Medical engaged Third Door Marketing’s virtual marketing department because they wanted to figure out how to generate awareness and credibility for potential sales leads and investors. We determined a public relations campaign was the best way to let the world know about Realize Medical’s innovative Elucis platform.


Both Realize Medical and Third Door are fans of Adrian Salamunovic’s PR advice. When I was starting out as Director of Communications at Spartan Bioscience, Adrian walked me through his PR playbook for generating amazing results. (Since then, Adrian has further detailed his strategies in his book with Cameron Herald called Free PR). When creating our plan, we made sure to incorporate Adrian’s tried-and-true strategies.

First, we brainstormed juicy story ideas. We figured out the highest yield story would be to associate Realize Medical with organizations that were already credible. That way, we would be credible-by-association. We determined that our highest profile collaborators are Logitech, the Ottawa Hospital, the University of Ottawa, and Invest Ottawa.

Second, we created a press release that profiled our Realize Medical’s partners and technology benefits: Realize Medical and Logitech collaborate to provide medical professionals and educators with cutting-edge virtual reality medical modeling platform.

Third, we prospected a list of every trade publication that covers technologies like Realize Medical, as well as local business publications. Specifically, we found journalists who had already written articles about companies like Realize Medical or trends like virtual reality. The list included more than 50 publications and more than 200 journalists.

Fourth, we crafted personalized pitch emails for each publication based on what the journalists had previously written about. Since we already knew that the journalists were interested in stories like ours, we knew that we would get pick up if we ran a big enough funnel. We further increased our probability by doing all the heavy lifting in our press release. The story was ready made.

Fifth, we asked each of our collaborators to share the press release on their social channels. It was a win-win, because it was positive press for their organizations as well.


Significant media pick up

The results of the campaign were outstanding. Realize Medical was covered by 10 publications for a total potential reach of 2.68M. According to the publications media kits, it would have cost more than $30,000 to achieve the same potential reach through advertising. Even if true reach was just 1% of the total potential reach, tens of thousands of people have now heard of Realize Medical’s technology—and they associate Realize Medical with a technology powerhouse: Logitech.

List of stories and potential reach:

Widespread social media reach

In addition to the social media posts for the above articles, Realize Medical’s announcement achieved widespread social reach in Ottawa thanks to their local partners. Overall, the announcement was pushed to more than 100,000 followers in the Ottawa area.

 List of partners and total social reach:

  • Invest Ottawa: 19,200 Twitter followers / 5,404 Facebook followers / 15,386 LinkedIn followers

  •  Ottawa Hospital: 18,420 Twitter followers / 12,524 Facebook followers / 18,460 LinkedIn followers

  • uOttawa Med: 4,321 Twitter followers / 1,202 Facebook followers

  • uOttawa eHub: 2,250 Twitter followers

  • Startup Garage: 1,916 Twitter followers

Realize Medical was amazed by the results. They received several inbound leads from leading medical institutions, as well as increased credibility with the Ottawa investor community. Additionally, some of their existing customers reached out to congratulate Realize Medical on their success.


“Realize Medical engaged Third Door to drive results and we were incredibly pleased with their work. Third Door’s PR strategy and execution were exactly what we needed to get the word out about our technology to sales leads and investors.”

Sonya Deveau, Director of Sales and Business Development for Realize Medical