Using PR to generate massive awareness and credibility for Realize Medical

10 publications covered Realize Medical’s technology for a total potential reach of 2.68M.

Realize Medical was amazed by the results. They received several inbound leads from leading medical institutions, as well as increased credibility with the Ottawa investor community. Additionally, some of their existing customers reached out to congratulate Realize Medical on their success.

How Third Door’s virtual team improved Kardish’s marketing by 10X in 3 months

In Third Door’s first 3 months working with Kardish, we implemented a comprehensive content and social media strategy to increase customer engagement and website traffic. This drove significant results, including:

  • 34% increase in average weekly newsletter opens to 60,000 subscribers

  • 86% increase in average weekly newsletter clicks to 60,000 subscribers

  • 80% increase in average daily website users

  • 53% increase in daily blog readers

  • 2,200% increase in average daily website traffic from social media